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Player name: Caity
Contact: sekritsauce | plurk or asrielmemer | aim
Characters currently in-game: n/a

Character Name: Ellie (Williams; last name only partially canon but I'm running with it)
Character Age: 15
Canon: The Last of Us
Canon Point: Post TLOU Part 1.
World Description: n/a
History: Here!

Personality: Ellie is fairly trusting considering the world she lives in, but she's not stupid, and no longer very naïve. Her willingness to give people a chance likely stems from her fear of being alone, and strong desire to form lasting bonds. That's not to say she'll immediately warm up to someone off the bat, though! Her first instinct upon meeting Joel is to hold a knife to him. Once she knows someone a little better, she's quick to get attached and show compassion. For example, despite knowing him less than a day, Ellie shows a great amount of pity towards Sam and stashes a robot toy he badly wanted to keep that his brother, Henry, wouldn't let him pick up. She later gives it to him as a gift. When Henry and Sam betray them, Ellie is quick to forgive the pair after Henry saves her life, and she's the one to convince Joel they should stick together.

However, the amount she is willing to trust someone lessens over time in canon, especially after her run in with James. She is visibly shaken by this experience, and becomes further aware that the infected aren't the only monsters in the world. Earlier in the game she suggests to Joel that they stop their car and help a man standing in the middle road looking especially injured, and Joel is right in assuming the man isn't actually hurt. After all she has experienced, Ellie post-game would not be so quick to make that kind of compassionate judgement again.

Her fear of ending up alone is something that persists, however. She clings very tightly to the bonds she makes, and reacts with anger and hurt if someone tries to distance themselves- something that's evident in both her relationships with Joel and Riley. Of course her violent and arguably self-defeating reactions (like running away from Joel) are fueled by this fear and feed off of the thought that everyone she loves will leave her or die eventually.

She adjusts to new situations and environments very quickly. This is a product of the world she was raised in, as she's had to make new roots over and over again.

Ellie's greatest struggle is that of trying to reconcile her continued existence versus the loss of people she loved very much. There is a large part of her that thinks she doesn't deserve to survive when they died, and as she says to Joel she's "still waiting" for her turn to go insane, something her and her best friend Riley vowed to do together rather than kill themselves when they were infected. She carries a lot of survivors guilt, which has only been worsened by the end of the game when her willingness to sacrifice whatever she needs to in order to help create a cure, amounts to absolutely nothing.

On a much more surface level, Ellie is probably as upbeat a teen as one can be when fighting for survival every day of her life. She enjoys puns and bad jokes in general, and her time with Riley shows us that at one point, she clearly craved to be able to do the things kids did before the infection- take dumb photo booth pictures, put on goofy Halloween masks, and have water gun fights. Ellie is in fact so comfortable and happy around Riley that she allows her guard to fall around her. In one fateful instance, she plays loud music because Riley wants her to, even though a part of her must know it's bad idea in an infected area. Her thinking can be swayed by those closest to her. She shows this same lowering of defenses around Joel; a good example is how she falls asleep in the car while he's driving.

She's not afraid to talk back to someone she disagrees with vehemently, and has no shortage of sarcastic and witty retorts. Sometimes her humor borders on the macabre, which is likely a coping strategy for the horrible things she has to see. (For example, she dryly says to Joel "You got something on your shoe", and that something turns out to be a severed hand.) She cusses like a sailor, and isn't intimidated by adults trying to pull rank on her, as the game makes very clear when she meets and takes an immediate dislike to Bill. Because she's grown up in an orphanage and then a military Quarantine Zone, she's extremely mature for her age. It angers Ellie when people fail to acknowledge this or treat her like a kid. She strongly believes children shouldn't be lied to or babied, but at the same time she's going to be quite jealous and protective of children who have never had to grow up in the sort of world she did.

The child she never got to be peeks out through her love of comics and other pop culture paraphernalia, which she picks up whenever she can find it. The music and video games of a world long gone fascinate Ellie, and she knows an awful lot about it all for someone who never lived through it.

Inventory: A switchblade. Shivs, x2. A pistol & very limited ammo. A small pendant, crusted with dried blood and stamped with "Riley Abel 000129". A colorful plastic robot toy. A Walkman (broken). A note from mom. Joke books (No Pun Intended, No Pun Intended: Volume Too, To Get to the Other Side). Savage Starlight comic books (Vol 1-3, 6, 11-13). A bottle of water. All of this is tucked inside a backpack, decorated by pins and a key-chain.

(belatedly adding that she's probably stuffed these shirts in her backpack as well)

Abilities: Ellie is very quick on her feet, both in the sense that she's a smart thinker, and that she literally can move very fast. She doesn't have any 'powers' exactly, but she's special in her world for being the only known person with a natural immunity to the Cordyceps Brain Infection. She's an excellent marksman with both a bow and long range ammunition. She can also handle more close range ammunition with skill and can hold her own with a knife if needed.

Flaws: She has a foul mouth. She's killed others, in self-defense and me-or-them situations. She's stolen from people (both dead and very much not). She can make some rash decisions. She's violent; though this is pretty much a given with the world she's grown up in.

Action Log Sample: Here’s Ellie on the TDM!