survivorsguilt: (➽ boom)
ellie ([personal profile] survivorsguilt) wrote 2017-02-12 05:50 am (UTC)


✘ 10/02 | INTRO LOG TOP LEVEL | New kid in town
Rey, Sans, Jack Benjamin, Frisk, Matt Murdock, Kylo Ren, Prompto Argentum, Noctis Lucis Caelum, Ana Amari, Wade Wilson

✘ 10/02 | INTRO LOG THREAD | Punch a shark
Bucky Barnes

✘ 11/02 | INTRO LOG THREAD | Wibbly wobbly

✘ 13/02 | NETWORK POST | Asking for a friend
Shadow, Hannah Washington, Sharon da Silva, Nick Valentine, Jill Valentine, Tiny Tina, Will Graham, Prompto Argentum, Connor Walsh

✘ 15/02 | KISSMAS THREAD | Lazybones

✘ 17/02 | KISSMAS THREAD | Gay uncle

✘ 17/02 | KISSMAS THREAD | Someone my age
Jade Ellsworth

✘ 17/02 | KISSMAS THREAD | Cool sweaters

✘ 18-20/02-ish? | KISSMAS THREAD | Frosty the snowman
Jo Harvelle

✘ 20/02 | NETWORK REPLY | Trading for a weapon

✘ 25/02 | INBOX THREAD | Target practise

✘ 25/02 | NEVER LOG IN EVENT | The kids aren't alright
Rey, Shadow, Jack Benjamin, Nick Valentine
& elsewhere Chara 2 3 , King Regis, Connor Walsh, Jade Ellsworth, Napstablook, Wade Wilson, Sans 2, Sharon da Silva, Frisk, Matt Murdock, Carlisle Longinmouth, Shadow, Ronan Lynch

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