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cr chart - tba ; total work in progress

"I guess I better get used to having my, like- perception of reality challenged in this place, huh?"




Where are you now
Are you lost
Will I find you again
Are you alone
Are you afraid
Are you searching for me?

Why did you go?
I had to stay
Now I'm reaching for you
Will you wait, will you wait
Will I see you again?

You took it with you when you left
These scars are just a trace
Now it wanders lost and wounded
This heart that I misplaced

Fifteen years old and with the mouth of a sailor, Ellie carries the weight of leaving behind a planet to rot. The earth she has always known was overrun with a disease- a fungus- that turned human beings into rabid killers. After watching the person closest to her in the world turn into one of these creatures, she felt an incredible amount of guilt for not succumbing to the infection the same way. It was something they promised to do together, in order to spend their last moments by each others side, and that promise was broken.

After a long journey of sacrifices, battles and losses alongside Joel, her smuggler turned protector turned surrogate father of sorts, she believed she had finally found her purpose: her immunity to the cordyceps infection in her brain could be studied with the hope of finding a potential cure. However, when Joel learns that the cost of the procedure would be Ellie's life, he brings it to a halt. Bloodily.

When Ellie wakes up, she asks Joel what happened, and he lies. "There's a whole lot more like you, Ellie. People that are immune. It's dozens, actually. Ain't done a damn bit of good, neither. They've stopped looking for a cure."

Ellie doesn't know the truth. She suspects. Either way, it doesn't matter. All she suffered was for nothing, and she's alone again in a strange new world.


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