survivorsguilt: (➽ the nose thing)
ellie ([personal profile] survivorsguilt) wrote 2017-02-20 09:41 am (UTC)


"Sincere love of bad jokes is one of the few constants of the universe."
✌ - ¿


marble sounds


You're falling in a lower gear
A little rest is what you need
You're rolled up on the seat
Your arms around your knees
We met by chance, talked on the phone
We kept in touch, I took you home
Sure, it proves we get along
And it will only get better from now on

We found a place to which we drive
And I offer you the time to sleep; to dream
To wake up when we arrive
Right moments come out of the blue
But when there's one it's up to you
Even when the time was up, I couldn't stop
I was floating all day long

One of the first people Ellie would consider a tentative friend, although just shy of saying it out loud. She's not sure why she finds it so easy to laugh with him, but she's not complaining. He shares her love of puns. Kinda mysterious- or maybe that's just the whole talking skeleton thing. She worries about him a little, and wanted to help find Frisk and Chara in part because they're important to him.

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