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prompto argentum ([personal profile] mercurio) wrote in [personal profile] survivorsguilt 2017-03-15 03:22 am (UTC)

I hope so.

[rubbing at his nose, he shows her his hands, palms up and taking a step back]

This needs some explaining.

[the concept that people come from different worlds has decidedly sunk in a lot faster and easier than what one would expect; it's what happens when you're from final fantasy. in a moment, his hands--once empty--are suddenly holding one gun each after a flurry of crystals around himself.]

Where I come from [doing a fancy gun-spin in his hands] there's something called elemancy. I guess you could say it's magic. I'm borrowing some of it from royalty, who are the only ones who can use it. That being, my friend, Noct--

[ah, he nearly drops one of the guns while trying to be cool! so much for that]

Wuoh... Anyway! That's mostly just for storing and summoning them! They work just like any other gun!

[he hands one over to ellie, not letting go of it until he's certain she's comfortable with the weight of it in her hands]

--except, you know, it doesn't run out of bullets. [a grin]

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