survivorsguilt: (➽ snails house)
ellie ([personal profile] survivorsguilt) wrote 2017-03-15 07:27 am (UTC)

[It's not the first magic she's seen since she got here. Or even the second! Still, it catches her by surprise nonetheless. Obviously his weapons are something special to fire again and again without running out of ammo, but Ellie didn't expect them to just manifest like that.

But this is Prompto. She's not scared of him. She trusts him. Ellie gasps and murmurs a,]
That's so fucking cool. [and then listens closely to his words.

She snickers when he nearly drops the gun, hands flying up to cover her mouth. It's fine, dude. She likes that you're goofy. It makes him feel like the big brother she never had.

The weapon feels... strange in her hands. It's the only way to describe it. This is something that's not a part of her world. Will never be a part of her world. And here she is holding it.

There's a moment where Ellie just looks down at it in awe, turning it over in her hands. Then-]

Woah! Wait! Back up!! Did you just say that Noctis- Noct is- he's royalty?

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